All about ME!

Hmm, where do I start? I guess the best place to start would be with my name. Hi, I’m Kim, also known as Kat to some. I am a house wife and mother to five absolutely amazing kids!

I met my husband when we were in Elementary school. His best friend was the live in cousin of my best friend. My friend had a pool so, naturally, Hubs and I were always at her house in the pool. Fast forward through one short stint of “boyfriend/girlfriend” status, Jr. High and freshman year of High School to the night we met….. again.

I was at a local drive in with my parents when Hubs walks past. I do a double take and realize who it is. I build up all of my courage (back then I was not as outspoken as today. I was the epitome of shy) and called his name. He turned around, walked towards me (I was so nervous and excited!) and said the four words I will never forget….. “Do I know you?”

After the initial shock and bright red blush went away, I explained who I was. He not only remembered me, but remembered my phone number from four years prior! So we hit it off (obviously) and the rest is history.

Moving forward to our five children. Our oldest is a scary teenage girl, then our three boys, followed by the baby of the family, our little princess. Let me tell you, she knows it too! We’ve had ups and downs, but through faith and our uncanny way of holding tighter to each other with each thing that comes at us we are holding strong and doing great.

Our oldest son is a special needs child, he is bipolar, and that has been a rocky road we’ve all travelled. We also have some medical issues with a couple of the other kids as well as myself. Because of these things I started looking into more natural ways of living as the regular, “antibacterial” ways weren’t helping, they were making things worse!


Then came my struggle with weight, that’s where my health and fitness passion really took off. I had five kids mind you, but with each addition to the family, I had an addition to my waist line and then some. So, I started working out and eating “healthier” and I went from a size 16 to size 12 in a year. I was so frustrated! So, off to do what I do best, research! I started reading all over the place on what is healthy and what isn’t. I was noticing more and more that the food pyramid was so wrong it was scary. The “SAD” diet phrase kept popping up (Standard American Diet) and I realized that the main part of that was grain based products. So, I cut them out. I started eating real food. You know, unprocessed stuff. The weight shed off of me. I was shocked! I wasn’t even trying and I went from that size 12 I was stuck at for so long to a comfortable (not squeezing myself into it to say it fits) size 4!!!!! I dropped 80 pounds in a matter of months.


I didn’t realize it at the time but the way I was eating has a name, I just went by the countless days, no months, of research I did on food quality and nutrition and ate that way. It wasn’t until a friend of mine was talking about a paleo recipe she tried and loved that I realized I was eating the paleo (or primal) way. I was so excited to realize there were others out there who had done the same type of research as I had and came to the same conclusions. It also opened up a new world for me as there were other foods and health benefits I didn’t know existed before. Let’s just say my hubby was happy for me, but also wanted his wife and computer back because there was new research, new material, and I was in nerd heaven with all this new info I had to read. I’m still going!

Fast forward to now and I’m still doing great, and have even started experimenting with making my own Kombucha and will also be starting water Kifer any day now. It’s exciting!

Through my walk with a newer, stronger, healthier me I got diagnosed with Lupus. That was a more recent thing and man did it throw me for a loop. The pain, the tests, the scary doctors and ER visits. Sheesh! I went from only taking a vitamin every day to a cocktail of immune killers. I feel like a walking pharmaceutical.

It took me a while to realize, but God has a way of opening my eyes, that I got healthy, lost weight, and started exercising before getting sick. Because of these things I am not in as much pain as I would have been had I been 200 pounds like I was, eating all of those nasty foods, and not moving as much as I should. I have had to alter my exercise routine and I have to rest more than I’ve been used to, but all in all I’ve been doing great. I attribute my diet, my fitness, and my natural (aka crunchy) lifestyle to this. Because of the passion it stirred in my life and that of my family I have made this blog in hopes that it helps you as much as it has me.

God Bless, Kat


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