I’ve Finally Done it!

Well, I have a blog! YIKES!
My hubby and I have been talking about it for quite some time, try a couple of years now, and we’ve finally done it.

My hubby is one of those crazy people who think a lot more of me than I deserve credit for. He thinks I’m a good writer and I should be sharing my research and ideas with others. I’m kind of a fanatic now about health, fitness, and natural living. It’s a passion of mine that, had you asked me three years ago, I would never have dreamed of having. So, I have an abundance of things to say, my categories for what I’ll be talking about set up on the tool bar, and now it’s just the time consuming task of writing everything down. I promise it’ll be interesting, quirky, and a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more posts coming in all categories for your enjoyment. I’m extremely excited about this and have been taking pictures of everything I do lately (firm believer in showing you how I do things, step by step, as well as describing them.) and will be posting one or two new posts a day. Who knows, if things are quiet here, maybe more! But please be patient with me as I transition this into my “to do” list. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to write to me. I LOVE helping others. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a blessed day!


P.S. If you get bored or are just curious about who this crazy chick is, feel free to check out my “about” page to learn all about, who else, ME!