I got a Nike+ Fuelband and I think I’m in love!

So, I have been eyeing the Fuelband for a long time now because, well, it’s a gadget and it has to do with fitness. What more could a girl want?!?
Okay, diamonds maybe. But let’s be realistic, you can’t see how many steps you’ve taken with a diamond. I’d be to busy staring at it and would probably hit a pole while walking. Not good. Anyways, back to the Fuelband. For some reason my brain fog (yep, it’s a real thing. Look it up if you don’t believe me!) got me thinking it had a heart rate monitor. I mean, look how cool the thing is, and all the techno-babble got to be long and there were graphs involved. Yeah, I ended up looking at the pictures mainly and came to the conclusion it did what I wanted, so I bought it. Anywho, long story short, it’s not a heart monitor.  Nike+-FUELBAND-review

Now that that’s out of the way. It is really cool though, especially if you’re into a little healthy competition. Basically, all of your activity is recorded on this smart little sucker and, if you want to, it is then compared with your friends or others in the Coolband, I mean Fuelband community. You win awards, cool trophies and all sorts of stuff. Yes, they may only be digital but it’s still cool. Plus, as I mentioned before, if you are in a healthy little competition you may just get the satisfaction of kicking other peoples butts at the amount of activity you did that day, or awards and whatnot. How cool is that?

Now, I am still learning all about it and today is only day 1 with it so I can’t give you all the specs just yet. But I will be sure to post an update on my thoughts as well as more information regarding it as time goes by. As of right now, I see this being a very neat tool in my daily fitness routine and if nothing else, a really cool watch!

Until next time, Kat